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Category: Rustic

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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Cute little "hobbity" china mirror
Item: 575

This lovely rustic little mirror looks like the sort a hobbit would have surely?? It has a little teacup handle and spoon and heart shaped trinket box lid at the top

Dimensions: 48cm x 40cm

Price: £60 - Sorry..Sold orders taken

Yew wood with mirror mosaic
Item: 494

Waney edge, yew wood frame with mirror mosaic border

Dimensions: 99cm x 65cm


detail of item
Item: 493

Waney edge yew wood rectangular frame with mirror mosaic

Dimensions: 99cm x 65cm

Price: £200

Waney edge oak frame mirror with irridescent stained glass mosaic
Item: 489

This waney edge, oak framed mirror has our favourite irridescent stained glass in the mosaic. The stained glass looks amazing when you see it in person!

Dimensions: 110cm x 80cm

Price: £280 SOLD ORDERS TAKEN- any colour

detail of item 489
Item: 488

Beautiful irridescent stained glass mosaic in this waney edge oak framed mirror.The photo of the stained glass doesn't do it justice, it's gorgous!

Dimensions: 112cm x 82cm

Price: £250 SOLD ORDERS TAKEN- any colour

Waney edge with leafy pattern in frame
Item: 479

This waney edge frame has a lovely leafy pattern routered into the wood and pale stained glass in the mosaic border

Dimensions: 95cm x58xcm

Price: £160 sold orders taken

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