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problems with emails and no response?!

 Hello again! 
I'm a bit concerned about the fact that some customers have emailed us and we simply aren't receiving them!? Not sure why this happens but we would NEVER knowingly keep someone waiting for a response to an email for days...never mind weeks. So, please, if you have emailed via our website and heard nothing,please give us a call 0191 4787753 or 07941960639 instead and let us know,
Carol and Alan
The Gallery

Hmmmm....ipads seem to have issues opening parts of the website

 Hello! It seems that our little old fashioned website is having it's issues with technology..... If you go from CATEGORIES when you "hover"over MIRRORS it should open a drop down menu with 7 different sections....Circular/ Heart Cable Reels/ Square cable reels/ Frameless (mirror edged mosaics)/ Rustic/ Driftwood and Others.... It shouldn't just be showing you CIRCULAR?!?! Sorry we don't seem to be fully modern technology friendly as there are many, many more examples and styles on the website than just circular! Frustrating....

The ultimate personalised mirror

We can include your own sentimental bits and pieces in the vintage china mosaic mirrors. Whether you have inherited items which are in a drawer,stored away, or things you have collected or are damaged, we can incorporate most things. In previous orders we have included broken jewellery,watches,crockery, antique racing binoculars, souvenir placename plaques from a walking stick and beachcombed glass. If you only have a few things you can advise us what colours you would like involved to complete it.

Mirrors can be personalised for birthdays and special occasions

We can personalise mirrors for birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. We do this by adding the date, occasion and a personal message if you like onto the back of the mirror. It looks very effective and is done with a Relief metallic paint.


Newcastle Quayside Market

We can be found, weather permitting, at the Newcastle Quayside Market which takes place every Sunday between 9am and 4pm.  Please contact us first to make sure we are attending. If you are calling on a Sunday to check if we're there, please ring us on 07941960639 or 07792979124
Newcastle Quayside Market

Cotfield Mirrors within Bensham Church

St Cuthberts

gallery image

Whilst St. Cuthberts Church on Bensham Road is being renovated Cotfield Mirrors has been offered "The Chancel" of the church to hang our mirrors.

Visit us from 11am - 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.
 ( call first to make sure we're open)

07941960639 / 07792979124

St.Cuthberts Church
Bensham Rd
NE8 1US   

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