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Category: Frameless

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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Mirror edged heart with vintage china
Item: 757

This mirror edged heart mosaix has vintage country roses china, hedgehogs &foxgloves on the china & a teacup handle and London souvenir spoon

Dimensions: 47cm

Price: £80

Mirror edged double layer lotus flower
Item: 756

This is a double layer mirror mosaic lotus flower pattern and can also be made to any diameter and can involve stained glass colours too

Dimensions: 71cm

Price: £220

3d mirror mosaic Flower of Life
Item: 748

Think is a 3d mirror mosaic of the Flower of Life design. It is mosaiced onto recycled wood and can be made to order in different sizes too

Dimensions: 53cm

Price: £120

Detail of heart No.738
Item: 739

This detail of heart No.738 and it's QE2 souvenir spoon and teacup handle

Dimensions: 46cm

Price: £80 Sold-Orders taken -any colour

Mirror edged heart with vintage china
Item: 738

Vintage china heart with lovely lovely daisy shaped plates,teacup handle and QE2 souvenir spoon

Dimensions: 46cm

Price: £80

Mirror edged heart with silver plate mosaic and hidden scene
Item: 728

This mirror edged heart mirror has silver plate mosaic with a teapot handle, spout and lid with with a hidden colourful scene inside. This scene is handmade and shows people fishing my a lake. It can also be made to order with different themed scenes, a park with trees, the beach, golf...almost anything!

Dimensions: 48cm

Price: £160 - Sold orders taken

 Displaying 1 to 6 of 101 items. Next >
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