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Category: Illuminated Mosaics

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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Colourful petal illuminated mosaic mirror which looks lovely switched on
Item: 789

This recycled cable reel wood framed mirror has an illuminated border of colourful petals and it looks equally lovely Not switched on too. The bottom two photos show it when it's going through its colour changing sequence sequence that is operated via s remote control.

Dimensions: 89cm

Price: £600

A walk through our Gallery
Item: 737

A short video of our gallery in Gateshead

Dimensions: Video


8 Sector Illuminated Mosaic
Item: 679

This has been made using the Flower of Life to create a kaleidescopic Illuminated mosaic

Dimensions: 90cm

Price: £2000

Item: 475

This is my favourite mosaic to date. It is a commission for Divine Light, a healing centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The central design has the Tree of Life eminating from the centre of a 4 way division of the Flower of Life. Around the edge are the 5 platonic solids, the merkabah. ank and other ancient symbols along with my own interpretation of opening lotus flowers.

Dimensions: 100cm diameter

Price: From £2500

Flower of Life Illuminated Mosaic
Item: 471

Flower of Life Illuminated Mosaic with recycled cable reel frame.

Dimensions: 100cm

Price: From £500 sold orders taken

Illuminated mosaic inspired by The Flower of Life
Item: 470

Illuminated mosaic inspired by The Flower of Life.

Dimensions: 90cm

Price: £1200

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