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Category: Hearts

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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Recycled cable reel wood frame with beautiful china plate in the mosaic
Item: 770

This recycled wood frame still has alot of the character in the wood from its days of being a hard working cable reel. The mosaic includes a beautiful deep red, floral & gold vintage china plate. This kind of mosaic can also be made to order to include your own sentimental bits & pieces. A lovely way for keepsakes to stay together forever

Dimensions: 66cm

Price: £180

Cable reel wood heart with vintage china & Alnwick souvenir spoon
Item: 769

This recycled cable reel wood frame has lots of character & still shows the grooves in the wood, evidence of when it was a working cable reel. It has a heart shaped trinket box lid, china flowers, beautiful vintage china and an Alnwick souvenir spoon

Dimensions: 66cm

Price: £200

Recycled cable reel wood with vintage china, teacup handle & souvenir spoon
Item: 759

Recycled cable reel wood heart with a wee bit of Wedgeeood china,some pretty blues &yellows with a teacup handle and a Blenheim New Zealand souvenir spoon. Other sizes & colours can also be made to order

Dimensions: 45.5cm

Price: £65

Recycled cable reel with heart shape inside & blue & yellow china
Item: 742

This recycled cable reel has been left natural as the wood is so lovely. The groove in the frame is where the slats of wood used to slot in between the two round ends. It has pretty blue & hello china,flowers, teacup handle & a Statue of Liberty souvenir spoon

Dimensions: 62cm

Price: £160

Cable reel heart with silver plate mosaic
Item: 723

This cable reel heart filled with silver plate mosaic has a teapot spout, handle and lid. The lid has a little colourful handmade scene inside of people hanging their washing out. There is also a silver plate peacock menu holder and a pewter viking ship at sea on waves made from mirror

Dimensions: 69cm x 65cm

Price: £280 Sold orders taken

Detail of mirror 723-The teapot lid that the handmade hidden scene is inside
Item: 722

This image shows the teapot lid closed. There is a hidden scene inside of teeny little people hanging their washing on the line. (Other scenes can be made to order too in this style of mirror

Dimensions: 69cm x 65cm

Price: £280 sold orders taken

 Displaying 1 to 6 of 89 items. Next >
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