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Category: Mosaics

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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3d flower of life
Item: 775

This is an all mirror 3d flower of life with a recycled cablereel frame.

Dimensions: 65cm

Price: £160 sold orders taken

all mirror mosaic flower of life on 2 planes
Item: 719

ALL MIRROR MOSAIC FLOWER OF LIFE ON TWO PLANES Item: 99 All mirror mosaic design with flower of life on two planes as central pane of design

Dimensions: 85cm

Price: £1000 Sold -orders taken

8 Sector illuminated stained glass mandala mosaic
Item: 680

This has been made using the Flower of Life to create a kaleidescopic Illuminated mosaic

Dimensions: 90cm

Price: £2000 sold orders taken

illuminated Metatrons Cube mosaic
Item: 630

Here Metatrons cube is illuminated.

Dimensions: 90cm

Price: From £1000

illuminated Metatrons Cube mosaic
Item: 623

I've made Metatrons Cube evolve out of the flower of life with a more 3d design.

Dimensions: 90cm

Price: £1000 sold-orders taken

Metatron's cube
Item: 607

Out of the flower of life comes Metatron's Cube. The most magical and powerful design. It holds the 5 platonic solids, perfect 3d shapes which lock together to create our reality. I have made this mosaic 3d to emphasise it's meaning.

Dimensions: 80cm diameter

Price: From £800 Sold -orders taken

 Displaying 1 to 6 of 34 items. Next >
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