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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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An Alice in Wonderland theme mosaic
Item: 889

This Alice mosaic features several of Tenniel's illustrations from Alice on china, a vintage music box which plays the theme from 'Love Story', theres a not quite the Cheshire cat ornament with a mouse hiding in a plant pot, a lovely rabbit next to the working mechanical pocketwatch, a Bunnykins plate of a family of rabbits at sea, a silver souvenir spoon of the ship Endeavour, 3 owls depicting See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil & umpteen pieces of lovely vintage china. £28 to send inland to most UK postcodes. I can supply more detailed pictures on request.

Dimensions: 97cm x 74cm

Price: £700 - sold-orders taken

Alice in Wonderland theme mosaic
Item: 888

This Alice mirror has sold but we can make to order with like minded items involved. It can have a working mechanical pocketwatch, a wee creature in a teacup,a spoon images from Tenniels illustrations on china,lots of quirky bits and pieces. I usually send photos of the items & the china before an order is started.

Dimensions: 76cm x 39.5

Price: £350 Sold orders taken

Oval Alice in Wonderland theme mirror with a working clock
Item: 828

This Alice theme mosaic mirror has a couple of Tenniel illustrations on china, one of Alice, the Mad Hatter & the Hare at the tea party. Theres vintage egg cup tealight holders, a china heart with porcelain flowers, an owl in a teacup, a china cat, a working china clock & some beautiful vintage china.

Dimensions: 63cm x 38cm

Price: £200 -Sold orders taken

recycled cable reel wood mirror with gorgeous stained glass and candle sconce
Item: 654

this frame is made from the wooden slats from reycled cable reels. The candle sconce is made from the metal washers that used to help hold the cable reel together. The stained glass is a gorgeous green/autumny colour and we can also make these to order with different colours.

Dimensions: 100cm x 46cm x 5cm

Price: £150 Sold orders taken - any colour

closeup of long candle sconce mirror item 654
Item: 653

Dimensions: 100cm x 46cm x 5cm

Price: £150 Sold orders taken - any colour

candle sconce mirror with irridescent black stained glass
Item: 578

This candle sconce mirror has irridescent stained glass in the frame. It has an extra mosaic detail in the edge of the candle sconce too

Dimensions: 90cm x 39cm

Price: £160 - sorry, sold orders taken

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