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Category: Circular

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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Closeup of the badger & squirrel in mirror No.886
Item: 887

This is a closeup of the Border Fine Arts badger & squirrel ornament at the base of the mirror (No.886) with all of the colourful countryside Wedgewood plates & mirror mosaic. I have added lots of porcelain flowers & leaves underneath the badger & squirrel to make a nice platform for them to sit on.

Dimensions: 78cm

Price: £280 Sold-orders taken

Badger & squirrel with Wedgewood countryside china plates
Item: 886

This mosaic has a lovely squirrel & badger Border Fine Arts ornament set on top of lots of porcelain flower & leaves. Amongst the mirror mosaic are lovely colourful Wedgewood countryside collectable china plates. The frame is made from recycled cable reel wood & is waxed with the tinted wax we use . It cost £20 to send by courier inland to most uk postcodes

Dimensions: 78cm

Price: £280 Sold-orders taken

Recycled cable reel wood frame with mirror petals & stained glass
Item: 884

This recycled cable reel wood frame has mirror petals which are all cut by hand. There is multicoloured stained glass around the petals. It can also be made to order according to size & colours.

Dimensions: 93cm

Price: £180 Sold orders taken

Closeup of the Beatrix Potter fox mirror 880
Item: 881

This is a bit more of a closeup photo of the Beatric Potter Foxy Whiskered Gentleman & his neighbour the pig who is dressed as a fairy.

Dimensions: 60cm

Price: £180

Beatrix Potter's Fox & a pig dressed as a fairy!
Item: 880

This recycled cable reel wood frame has a Beatrix Potter's Foxy Whiskered Gentleman ornamnet looking up from reading his paper at his beighbour the pig....who is dressed as a fairy!?! I love this one! This has mixed colours of vintage china and the frame is waxed with a tinted wax we use. It costs £15 to send via courier to most inland uk postcodes

Dimensions: 60cm

Price: £180 sold orders taken

3d Flower of Life mosaic inside a recycled cable reel wood frame
Item: 879

This 3d mirror mosaic is in the Flower of Life design and is set inside a reycled cable reel wood frame. The frame can be left natural or waxed on request with one of the tinted waxes we use to make the frame a bit darker.

Dimensions: 52cm

Price: £180 Sold orders taken

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