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Category: Mosaics

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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detail of item 606
Item: 605

this shows the 3d flower of life mosaic illuminated

Dimensions: 64cm

Price: £450 SOLD-Orders taken

Large Brunswick Star
Item: 506

This was an order for a customer who chose there own colours. This Large Brunswick Star mosaic is one of my favourite designs. It illuminates and makes a great centre piece.

Dimensions: 100cm diameter

Price: £1200 Sold Oders taken

6ft illuminated stained glass mosaic
Item: 369

A 6ft stained glass and mirror mosaic mandala which you can plug in to illuminate or have without light. Costing £600 to make and taking a month this mosaic is priced accordingly.

Dimensions: 6ft

Price: £10,000 Made to order

triquetra mosaic
Item: 357

Made from one cable reel side this triquetra is mosaiced with the flower of life. It also has a candle sconce.

Dimensions: 80 cm diameter

Price: From £800 SOLD ORDERS TAKEN

Illuminated mosaic
Item: 354

Inspired by sacred geometery I've made this Moorish Design.

Dimensions: 80cm

Price: From £500 for central section to £650 for entire design

Illuminated Triquetra Mosaic
Item: 326

The Triquetra can be with or without illumination

Dimensions: 85cm

Price: £1100 SOLD orders taken

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