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Category: Illuminated Mosaics

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If you are interested in any of the items shown please get in touch. Most can be ordered or made to your unique specifications.

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8 Sector illuminated stained glass mandala mosaic
Item: 468

8 Sector illuminated stained glass mandala mosaic with recycled cable reel frame. Mosaic is illuminated with rgb led strip lighting. Lights will last 50,000 hours. Very easy and cheap to replace.

Dimensions: 90cm

Price: £1500 sold

6ft illuminated Mandala
Item: 466

Using the flower of life as the basis for this mandala, I've had to make it large to be able to divide the circle into 12 sectors. It is an illuminated stained glass mosaic with a large 6ft Cable reel frame.

Dimensions: 6ft orders taken 5ft version from £4000 , 4ft version from £3000

Price: From £5000

Brunswick Star Illuminated Mosaic
Item: 437

A Brunswick Star Illuminated stained glass mosaic with cable reel frame.

Dimensions: 65cm diameter

Price: £550 SOLD orders taken

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